Iris Schomaker

Imagination of Matter
November 18, 2017 – January 13, 2018

With the exhibition Imagination of Matter Galerie Thomas Schulte presents new works by Berlin-based artist Iris Schomaker. The subject of Schomaker's almost monochrome works on paper is the human figure in painterly abstracted form. Her works – which include several larger-than-life formats – show the human figure at a moment of physical calm and self-absorption, sometimes loneliness. The traces of the painting process remain visible and reveal Schomaker's technique adding to the works a tangible quality. Still, the overall impression is that of a cool, solitary distance. Seemingly seeking the company of Schomaker’s anonymous protagonists a fox sometimes appears in the works as a mute, trustful companion introducing the notion of wilderness to the domestic interiors the figures inhabit. Schomaker’s works do not show what actually is, but how it appears and how it feels. Using figuration, the artist equally explores painterly abstraction thereby developing her very own characteristic pictorial language.

Artist Profile