Peter Rogiers

March 17 − April 21, 2012

In addition to the exhibition, The 80s, with works by Jonathan Lasker, as of Friday, 16th of March 2012, Galerie Thomas Schulte will also be showing a new work by the Belgian sculptor, Peter Rogiers, in its Corner Space.

This presentation of the new sculpture, Geen Titel (Untitled), which was specially created for the gallery’s high-ceilinged Corner Space, marks the third occasion on which Thomas Schulte has shown works by the Belgian sculptor, Peter Rogiers (born 1967 in Antwerp, lives and works in Oud-Heverlee, Belgium). Rogiers’ ironic-expressive works hover between abstraction and figuration. They are characterised by an overwhelming spatial impact and are firmly rooted in art history. Rogiers draws both on the most varied aspects of the European sculpture tradition and on popular culture, citing to an equal degree sculptures by Brancusi and Richard Serra and B-movies and comics. He not only uses found material, but repeatedly varies elements of his own works, thus creating totally new connections within which to explore the potential of contemporary sculpture.

Unlike Rogiers’ earlier works, Geen Titel, has no narrative structures and the artist’s choice of title has also deliberately left the work open to interpretation. Its focus is more on the psychological impact of the composition and the interplay of mass, weight and the light that shines through the sculpture.

Artist Profile

Artist Profile Peter Rogiers