Theo Ligthart

Das Korn – Eine soziale Plastik
November 2 - November 8, 2008

At the same time as João Penalva’s solo show, but limited to a week, Theo Ligthart, a Dutch artist living in Berlin, will present his project Das Korn – Eine soziale Plastik in the gallery’s Kabinett. Ligthart has developed an alcoholic beverage, a Doppelkorn, that can be acquired as an edition, in this way critically engaging with the laws of the art market. Just the opposite to those manufacturers who try to give prestige to their products by sponsoring exhibitions or art events, here the artwork becomes a commercial product, and the buyer can decide whether to make it part of a collection or just to drink it.

Already in his most recent work ferkel, schwarz (Schlaraffenland – expansion stage I) Theo Ligthart, born 1965 in the Netherlands, has dealt with the Berlin bar “Zum schwarzen Ferkel” as meeting point of the Bohéme and the transfer of art and knowledge that had emerged from it. Ligthart’s light box Hier gibt es alles! from 2007 is currently on show at “Victoria Bar” in Potsdamer Straße 102 in Berlin.