João Penalva

November 1 - December 23, 2008

Portuguese artist João Penalva, a resident of London since 1976, calls himself a storyteller. Like a writer, in his videos, photographs, objects, and installations, he creates what appear to be actual worlds where his fiction intersects with real, observed situations to form new realities. By fusing performance and visual art, Penalva seduces his audience to visualize other places alongside the projected images, images of other places, other peoples and times, thus forcing us to question the semblance of reality as a fiction. 

In this exhibition Penalva presents his 2007 video installation Pavlina — a simultaneous slide and video projection — and other text and photography works. The architectural series The Khosoku-Doro shows images of Tokyo's Expressways through the city, made to resemble film stills with the addition of short versions of their possible plots.

João Penalva will be present at the Opening Reception on Friday, 31 October, 6–9pm.